Blog Site – Mal the Hydrangea Guy

Mal has been a regular contributor to the newsletters of the three major hydrangea societies in the U.S. with his widely followed ‘Mal’s Corner’ segments. Additionally, he has been authoring the presentation and hand-out info for his ‘Success Series’ at Heritage. In developing his many lecture presentations, he often produces further ‘explanations’ covering the critical details of his countless trials of many cultural issues. So he is well armed to now share his knowledge to a wider audience via Mal the Hydrangea Guy.

The synergy between Mal’s ‘Hydrangea Guy’ involvements and his Curatorship at Heritage has been very strong. He continues to focus on hydrangeas at so many levels – propagation, planting, pruning, fertilizing, bloom color control, irrigation design and implementation, ‘pot-n-pot’ and ‘bag-n-pot’ container growing, and winter protection strategies – both on a residence level as well as within a major garden complex. So many opportunities for learning and sharing – which he delights in doing!