Workshops at Hydrangea Farm, 2020

Mal is very fond of conducting Workshops and subjects like Pruning, Propagation, and Container Growing are especially popular and well attended. They can be included with group lectures or arranged as separate events. These are hands-on sessions focusing on techniques and practices for the home gardener who wants to learn more about these specific issues. Mal will post in advance about upcoming Workshops in our Garden and you can register to join us.

at Heritage, 2020

This will be another active year for Workshops at Heritage. The ‘Hydrangea Success Series’ continues to be a major learning experience with (7) sessions being offered covering virtually every segment of hydrangea culture. These are very informative events featuring detailed demonstrations, a thorough explanation of required practices, sources for necessary materials and tools, plus a handout covering the total presentation. Attendees can then fully implement the specific cultural requirements in their own gardens. Be sure to check out the Heritage website – – for full details.

April 10 & 11:  ‘The Seasonal Step Approach to Pruning Hydrangeas’

May 9: Planting & Replanting; Giving Your Hydrangeas a Great Start’

June 20: ‘Irrigation; Installation Techniques for the Home Gardener’

August 1: ‘Propagation; Making More Plants’

August 22: ‘Garden Design; Selecting Hydrangea Companions’

September 19: ‘Container Growing; the Pot-N-Pot and Bag-N-Pot Method’

November 6 & 7: ‘Winterizing & Winter Protection Techniques’